Introducing Astral Shield

Moonstone Research is pleased to announce the general availability of Astral Shield. Astral Shield is a powerful compliance API tool intended for exchanges, exchange aggregators, merchants who sell goods for cryptocurrencies, and anyone else who is exposed to potential cryptocurrency money laundering and illicit financing risks.

With a simple REST API integration, you can check addresses and transactions against over a dozen risk categories. We continuously monitor for new records, and we alert you if a new record matches your desired risk indicators.

Moonstone Research has attribution for millions of transactions, addresses, and enotes.

Astral Shield can help you achieve your compliance goals. Best of all, Astral Shield plans start at $0!

Please contact us to get access to Astral Shield.

About Moonstone Research

Moonstone Research is a boutique blockchain analysis firm that investigates difficult-to-trace transactions. We specialize in tracing ransomware and other illicit payments. We also assist compliance professionals with supplementary investigations and reporting. We can help recover stolen funds. Please email us if you would like to get in touch.