Crescent Discovery

Moonstone Research's Crescent Discovery tool is Moonstone Research's most powerful offering.

Crescent Discovery is a web application that allows for the easy visualizing and tracing of cryptocurrency transactions.

You can provide any information that you wish to investigate, or simply upload a Lunar Landing Report to continue with your investigation.

Easily apply powerful filters, test various assumptions, work on your transaction graphs with coworkers, and export Crescent Discovery Reports when you are done.

The most common use-case for Crescent Discovery is to find where illicit actors spend the proceeds of illicit funds. Ransomware payments, darknet market payments, or any other sensitive payments can be investigated with this tool.

The flexibility of the tool is endless. Additional Crescent Discovery Reports can be generated for any inputted transactions and enotes.

Waxing or Waning; Forward or Backward

We can investigate future transactions or past transactions by looking forward or backward through difficult-to-trace transaction graphs. This allows you to start the investigation on either side of the target.

Case Study: Ransomware Payments

Moonstone Research worked with a specialist firm that helps ransomware victims make ransom payments. We first prepared Lunar Landing Reports for each of these payments, and then we used this information to create a Crescent Discovery Report for each.

In the majority of cases, we were able to identity a likely transaction where the illicit actor spent these funds, even when they used difficult-to-trace payment methods. Moonstone Research can provide leads when no other blockchain analysis firm can.

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