Lunar Landing Payment Report

Moonstone Research's Lunar Landing Payment Report is the industry standard for documenting and reporting important cryptocurrency payments.

This report is used to document ransomware payments, darknet market payments, or any other sentitive payments that will later be investigated by private investigators or law enforcement.

It is extremely important to begin investigations with the most accurate information possible. Our Lunar Landing Payment Report includes important supplementary information about transactions to narrow the future investigation

Case Study: Ransomware Payments

Moonstone Research worked with a specialist firm that helps ransomware victims make ransom payments. Before working with Moonstone Research, information about these payments could be provided to law enforcement, but they were not well-organized, and the most important information was not easily accessible.

By using Lunar Landing Payment Reports to document these ransomware payments, this firm was able to store all the relevant payment information in the same place. Further, this report included critical additional information that reduced false positives in subsequent investigations by 50%.

By adopting the Lunar Landing Payment Report, law enforcement had a much easier time reviewing and acting on this provided information, and the firm could better demonstrate compliance.

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